Pipe Lining Contractors On Efficient Pipe Repair And Installation

trenchless pipe lining repair contractors in Canada


There are many new pipe repair and installation technologies being developed.  In order to remain competitive plumbers and plumbing contractors need to keep abreast of the latest and best plumbing equipment and technologies.  It is something common to all business endeavors; remaining stagnant means getting overrun by your business rivals.

Pipe lining contractors feel compelled to keep up with the different pipe lining technologies, so they are able to offer them to a growing number of customers who have accepted this repair method.   Pipe lining contractors in Canada feel the pressure more than most, as pipe lining repair methods are gaining popularity among Canadian home and business owners.


But what is pipe lining, and why is it fast gaining acceptance?  Pipe lining is a pipe repair method which does not involve digging out the damaged pipe; thus it is described as a trenchless method of pipe repair.  Instead of digging out and replacing sections of damaged pipe, the repair is done by either installing inserts or spraying on an epoxy lining.


The cured In place pipe (CIPP)insert method is one which uses a resin impregnated tube insert to line the pipe’s interior surfaces.  Key to ensuring proper installation using this method is ensuring the pipe internals are clean, dry and free of obstruction.  To make this happen, the pipe internals are first inspected.  If any obstruction is found, it is removed using a rotary cutting tool.  Then pipe internals are either grit or shot blasted, depending on the material the pipe is made of.  Once cleaned it is dried out using clean compressed air.  An inverter machine is then used to pull the insert and a bladder into the pipe.  Once in, the bladder is inflated till the insert cures.


The epoxy lining method involves cleaning the pipe internals using shot blasting, flushing and drying the cleaned surfaces and then injecting a liquid epoxy mixture.  The epoxy adheres to and lines the pipe’s internal surfaces which plugs any pinholes and cracks and creates a barrier between the pipe and the water.


Pipe lining methods are fast gaining acceptance as efficient repair alternatives because they cost much less than conventional pipe replacement procedures and are less invasive.  They create much less mess and the repair period is also much shorter.


Trenchless pipe repair methods are all the rage at the moment, and it owes its popularity to savings in cost and the fast implementation.  There is also less impact on the environment, and organizations such as the Plumber’s Residential Council Ontario have taken notice.  Trenchless pipe repair method and plow systems have proven effective in cutting repair and installation costs.  Vibratory plow installation methods are suitable for small residential pipe installations as well as industrial pipes of up to 14” diameter.  It can lay pipes several feet deep without digging a wide trench, so long as there are no obstructions in the pipe installation path.

Before having your old pipe repaired or new pipe installed, consult with your plumbing contractor.  There just might be a more efficient and less costly alternative you may not know about.